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Small Dog Grooming

Small Dog Grooming

Professional small dog grooming for all kinds of breeds!

Head to Tail Dog Grooming in Barrie, Ontario specializes in small dog grooming services

Dog grooming is very important each season for a variety of reasons. In the fall, it will help winterize your dog's fur by making way for new healthy fur. This helps prepare the coat and skin for the winter to come. In the spring, your dog will start to shed the most. Professional dog grooming services will alleviate the shedding by grooming with a slicker brush or shedding blade. As the temperature then rises, fleas and ticks become active, but with periodic dog grooming, it will help keep them at bay.

Frequent grooming will keep your dog healthy and happy. It will ensure your dog has no tangles or mats in their fur, while also allowing fur to be trimmed around sensitive areas such as the ears and eyes, or as specified by the owner.

Head to Tail Dog Grooming in Barrie, Ontario specializes in small dog grooming. We are able to offer our small dog grooming services for a range of breeds such as: shih tzu, cocker spaniel, maltese, norwich terrier, pomeranian, poodle, pug, scottish terrier and more!

In addition, we groom cross-breeds of all kinds, as long as they are under 35lbs. This includes breeds such as yorkie/shih tzu, pomeranian/chihuahua, yorkie/poodle, bulldog/shih tzu, and more!

A full groom consists of shampoo, brush dry and a trim as requested by the owner. Ears will be cleaned and trimmed, as well as sanitary areas. Nails will be clipped and feet trimmed.

For more information on our small dog grooming service, please call or visit Head to Tail Dog Grooming in Barrie, Ontario.

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