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Shihtzu/Poodle Grooming

Shihtzu/Poodle Grooming

Shih-Poo's are deeply affected by changes in temperature

Head to Tail in Barrie, Ontario offers grooming for Shih-Poo's

Head to Tail in Barrie, Ontario offers professional and affordable shih-poo grooming. A shih-poo is a cross between a shih tzu and a poodle. Depending on the dominant resemblance to either shih tzu or poodle, your shih-poo's hair may be curly or straight. Regardless of the hair type, your shih-poo will still need to be regularly groomed to prevent their coat from matting or pulling when brushed. Tear stains are a regular occurance with the shih-poo breed and it is required that you often wipe and clean them. You should take your shih-poo to the groomers frequently for the following reasons. Shih-poo's are very sensitive to temperature changes, and it is encouraged that you keep your dogs coat cut short in the summer and long in the winter so they may keep cool and warm respectively. Additionally is is recommended to keep the hair on your shih-poo's bootom short for hygienic reasons. Shih-poo's are also prone to ear infections, and their ears need to be closely monitored and cleaned. Head to Tail will trim the hair around and inside the ears to prevent infections.

Please contact Head to Tail Dog Groomers in Barrie, Ontario for more information, or to book your grooming appointment today!

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